Forfait Swiss-Traffic 11 months

Discover Swiss-Traffic, application and geo-localized mobile voice support line No. 1 in Switzerland!


 «Like when using a GPS navigation system, you will be informed in advance by voice system of any danger or traffic delays that might occur on your itinerary, and this without any required handling of your smartphone.  Thanks to these preventive informations, you can change your route and adapt it accordingly.»


Compatible with iPhone & Android only.

We inform you before and during your trip about :  
    ghost drivers, accidents traffic jams and delays reported iin real time
•    road repair sites, closed roads, mountain pass closures
•    continously updated and reported speedlimitations
•    weather forecast for 5 days
•    route planner
•    display of the valid speed limit

•    voice alarm WHEN exceeding the permitted speed
•    widget for Android

TO USE SWISS-TRAFFIC EN ROUTE MEANS : To loose no time in trafficjams, to recognize dangers and traffic problems in advance in order to avoid them, to be automatically and efficiently warned when exeeding the authorized speed limit.

Package Price: 80.- For 11 months (incl. VAT) instead of 180. -


Tél: 0844363363

ID Mobile SA (
Chemin Pré-au-Blanc
Z.I. Rio Gredon
1806 St-Légier

Easy payment by SMS: You will be charged on your next bill from your telephone company.